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Renaissance Floor Restoration: Floor Refinishing Services

At Renaissance Floors, we have refinished floors in some beautiful Massachusetts and Rhode Island homes (and some gorgeous properties in this historic city of Newport!) We take pride when we refinish a beautiful hardwood floor, bringing out the beauty that may lie beneath a scratched or damaged surface. We know that homeowners want to protect their hardwood flooring investment and keep their homes looking beautiful and new.

Hardwood floors can last for decades, but after a few years, gouges, scratches from pets, wet spots, and other spills can make the wood dull and discolored. The average wood floor can be sanded and refinished anywhere from five to eight times in its lifetime, bringing even wood in older homes back to life. As long as the floor has approximately 1/32 of an inch of wood on the top of the boards, they can be sanded and refinished.

Keep in mind that you can’t refinish laminate wood floors, but you might be able to refinish an engineered wood floor. We can look at the finish and thickness of these floors and make a determination then.

Renaissance Floor Restoration offers premium wood floor finishes in a variety of colors. From the lightest country whites to the darkest ebonies we have a match for your wood floor restoration. We also use only the highest quality oil-based polyurethanes and offer water-based finishes that cut drying time and have very low volatile organic compounds.

Our floor refinishing work includes a multi-step sanding process which removes the old finish and also evens out the boards. It is then sanded two more times before we finish with a buffer to prepare the surface for staining and refinishing. We couple this with using an Oneida Dust Collection System to keep airborne dust to a minimum.

At the end of this process you will have a beautiful refinished wood floor that you will enjoy for years to come.

Contact Renaissance Floors Restoration to get started on your flooring restoration project today!

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