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Renaissance Floor Restoration: Superior Products and Superior Process

 Renaissance Floor Restoration understands wood floors and we have had the opportunity to work in diverse homes and historical properties putting our know-how to the test. How are we different? Any flooring contractor can sand and finish floors, but installing, repairing, and finishing floors is also an art form…and it is our art form.  It’s this extra effort combined with a passion for attention to detail, that turns a simple floor restoration into the focal point of your living space.

At Renaissance Floor Restoration our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality installation, repair, and refinishing services—all at a reasonable and competitive price.  Founded on the desire to provide a superior product that exceeded what was currently the industry standard, we use the finest sanding and finishing equipment available.

Our stains and polyurethane products are the best in the industry, providing our clients with years of hard use.  We don’t cut corners as many contractors do and our woods and finishing products don’t come from big-box stores.  We use speciality retailers, all specifically chosen for their superior products.

At its heart Renaissance Floor Restoration is a partnership where both of the work and business experiences of its principals meld to make a well-oiled machine. One partner comes from an educational and executive management background and the other partner built his skills from the ground up, having spent 30 years honing his flooring and refinishing skills. These backgrounds combine to create a company where we view each and every job with an eye on both managerial structuralism and an eye for detail. Because of this drive, we get in and get the job completed—on time, on budget, and with an accent on quality.

If your wood floors need refinishing or other repairs, please contact us to set up a time to view them. Whether your wood floors are in a Mansion or a Mudroom, we will provide the attention they deserve.

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