Hardwood Floor repair

Pet urine, food stains, leaky pipes, snow, minor flooding, photosynthesis, and just general wear and tear can raise havoc on wood flooring, turning a pristine floor in a treasured room into an embarrassment. Our skilled craftsmen can do wonders with wood by weaving in new flooring to eliminate pet stains or worn spots or by removing and replacing the entire floor. 

With our complete line of quality stains and polyurethanes, we can match your existing floor color or apply a new color to give your floors a new modern look.  We have access to a complete line of quality wood floor products, including maple, white and red oak, pine, Brazilian cherry, and other more exotic wood species, which can all be installed, sanded, and finished to your specifications. 

And don’t forget pre-finished wood flooring products in a myriad of colors and finishes. And if you have an older or historic home in Rhode Island or Massachusetts we can help match the existing flooring to give you a seamless look. Call or contact us for a FREE estimate.