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Hardwood Floor Installation Can Make a Space

You might have some questions if you are  considering switching from carpet to hardwood flooring. You might be wondering if this the best choice for your home? Will the process be time-consuming? How will hardwood floor installation affect the value of your  home? Maybe you just need to know the process that Renaissance Floor Restoration uses when we do a hardwood floor installation or how carpets stack up against hardwood floors.

Choosing Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet

While carpet is less expensive to install than hardwood floors, it is not as durable. More people are choosing hardwood in their home because it is versatile and allows for decorating freedom. Carpets’ lifespan is generally 10-15 years, while hardwood floors last a lifetime. Cleaning carpets is much more time-consuming when compared to wood floors, also.

Hardwood Floors Add Value To a Home

Hardwood floors are very attractive to potential buyers if you choose to sell your home. In fact, it is one of the home features that millennials (who are buying older homes) love!

Renaissance Floors Makes Hardwood Floor Installation Easy

We take the stress of removing old flooring out of the equation. We will remove and dispose of old flooring before laying down your beautiful new wood floor. We also work on new constructions for those building their dream house.

Choosing your new flooring material is easy. We offer finished and unfinished flooring, and if you already have wood floors in other rooms, we can match them. We also offer modern choice in flooring, such as bamboo and cork. In any case, we install, sand, stain and finish your brand new hardwood flooring to each and every one of your specifications.

And there’s no need to worry about clean up from the installation process.

Renaissance Floor Restoration takes care of that for you so all you have to do is move your furniture in and enjoy your new space.

If you are a homeowner in Rhode Island or Massachusetts who is looking for a fresh new look in your home, contact Renaissance Floor Restoration. We are centrally located in Newport, RI and serve the surrounding areas and can be reached at 401-935-9005.

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